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Get Your Freekeh On

These seven wholesome ingredients have beauty and grains



F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal, Styling by Anne Cardenas

Old-world grains are making a comeback.

Dry foods with unpoetic names like spelt, teff and millet have long inhabited the bulk bins at health-food stores. Following on the heels of heirloom tomatoes and heritage pork, old-world grains have begun to pop up on menus at hip, ingredient-driven restaurants, too. Their reputed heart benefits and other nutritional credentials are nice perks, but their nuanced flavors and rugged textures have spurred chefs to experiment with these ingredients in earnest.

Known as “ancient grains,” thanks to the advanced age of the species (a cool 5,000 years old in some cases) and because they’ve managed to evade the industrial grooming of modern crops like wheat and corn, these old-school strains have retained their unique personalities. Some…

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