Crepes transport you back to Paris without much work, Flour, Milk & Eggs.
They also freeze beautiful if they last that long, if freezing use wax paper between layers- and make sure crepes have cooled completely.

Becoming Madame

February 2 is Crêpe Day in France, or as they call it, La Chandeleur. I believe the English call today Candlemas, which is a new holiday for me. I might be showing my lack of Christian knowledge here, but until I recently read Austen’s Persuasion for the first time, I didn’t know there was a Michaelmas in late September either. I sort of always thought Nicholas, or I suppose Christ, was all alone when it came to ‘mas days.

Alas, I sit corrected. Other ‘mases exist and today is one such occasion.

In France, la Chandeleur, which is alternatively named la Fête de la Lumière or La Jour des Crêpes, has its roots in the religious celebration of the official presentation of baby Jesus. But the day is celebrated throughout the country with the making and eating of crêpes. Much like Groundhog Day in North America, la Chandeleur is traditionally a day…

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