Catching up with Kenny & Celine- @ Clio, Uni and late night Ramen…crepes

Boston used to be our go to spot, we were in town on average 20-30 nights a winter. This year we were long overdue, we made up for lost time catching up with our longtime pal, Chef Ken Oringer and his lovely wife, Celine aka ‘Celine my Love’ at Kenny’s newly re-done spots Clio and Uni. We have been friends since Clio opened- Seth and I cooked at their wedding, it was great to have drinks and snacks- Uni just started a late night Ramen– yes, I am on a late night theme. Truth is when you finish work at midnight you do not go straight to bed, in the real world people do not leave the office at 5pm and slip in to bed at 6pm- so stop judging…. Anyway, we had sashimis, amazing sea urchin, pork buns with crispy yuba, and dreamy bowls of ramen; one with eel and one with yet more pork slippery chewy noodles and intense heady broths. This ramen is a world away from the ones you may have cooked in a hotpot in school. A 40 person line of patient silent, mostly Asian guests awaited the seats in Uni- ramen is ONLY served in Uni. Thursday-Saturday 10:30pm on.This is serious stuff- the next day Seth and Kenny cooked Crepes at the Chez Oringer rooftop kitchen in the Southend while Celine and I colored with their daughter ‘princess V’ and 9 month old Luca napped- a magical 24 hours, we had 48 yet to go….

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