Boarding House Nantucket Inspirations- Bloody Hot FM Vodka

My farmer's market Bloody Mary Vodka

Hummock Pond Farm Bloody HOT Vodka

Head to your farmers market– ours is 100 feet from The Boarding House, Nantucket, our original restaurant ( 20 years in 2012…) I like to use empty clean Patron Platinum bottles, but any clean bottle with a stopper will do. At the market look for a variety of colors, shapes and levels of heat in the peppers you select (ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES when handling the peppers)- layered flavors and colors make the best blends. Scotch Bonnets and Habeneros are best left for the daredevils. The goal is not to harm anyone but to give a serious kick. for herbs I love lemon verbena, thai basil & lovage. Then add citrus zest or kumquats. this is a very quick Vodka- sure you could let it steep, but I tend to go to the market at 9am and make the batch right away and we serve it with tomato juice or bloody mix, lots of ice, pickled vegetables. a rim of our special ‘Bloody seasoned salt’ and enjoy…FYI- FM is farmers market…

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