Summer one bite at a time…

One of my favorite sayings from Jack Kornfield‘s Buddha’s Little Instruction Book

When you eat, drink or travel
be where you are or you may miss most of your life…

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When you live on an Island and you actually work while others vacation, you develop an odd relationship with summertime. Some summers add up to three perfect days off at the beach- one for each month we are open, magical dinners on the deck at my mom’s house or Provence style lunches with family and true friends, this life-style makes a few hours away from our restaurants seem like a weeks vacation- minus the schlepping, travel and painful re-entry to reality. Breakfast in the backyard with your husband, excited after 4hours sleep to get a call from your daughter in London at 6am to hear about a fashion shoot, a snack after service with your son to share his stories from work at the golf club, 20 minutes at the beach or an hour or two sitting at the Galley, a late night glass of rose with friends- you get the drift- we are busy- not normal busy, 3 seasonal restaurants, 70 staff members, long wait lists, technology challenges, organized chaos and the dance of lunch, brunch and dinner services- the kind of 5 ring circus busy. This life style primes you to value each moment. Be present, cook as much as you are able, eat and drink with the seasons- family and friends who never question why you miss birthdays, weddings, phone calls or emails that come during ‘the season’. You strive to live in the moment, with an open heart to guide your dreams, those you teach-will always teach you more than they ever learn. Summertime is magical, our summer friends live the rest of the year with their hearts and souls aching for the Island. We love September and October- it is the long shadow of the summer, sense of space widens without the volume of visitors, we seemingly create and navigate less drama, rushed shared moments become relaxed hours surfing followed by sunset dinners at the beach, conversations abandoned in June resume,

the Island is strangely more beautiful than ever,

we are all more gracious to and grateful for each other.

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