Winter dreams of summertime…


waiting for the oysters to pop, then remove with out losing the liquor & slide knife under top to remove- add butter and finish grilling

Winter is a great time to grill seafood- we love to grill Island Creek Oysters
1) scrub the oysters
2) place on grill until they start to pop open, remove carefully from grill with tongs- keep level -do not tip or their juice will run out sides.
3) put on platter and pop lid ( top flat shell off)
4) top with seasoned compound butter and return to grill until butter bubbles. we usually eat right off grill- (do not burn yourself…)
Butter ideas- soft Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery butter meyer lemon zest, squeeze of juice & aleppo pepper…DSC_0573 IMG_0263

Oysters with Compound Butter

Oysters with Compound Butter

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